Casa de Buceo


To contribute to marine ecosystems protection and local development through scuba diving education, equipment and gear supply for its practice and Ecoturism following sustainable guidelines and focused on environmental education giving tourists as well as local people and specialized customer service on the tours given.


In 2018 Casa de Buceo will be known as the firs option in scuba diving and ecoturism services in Santa Marta and the Colombian market been recognized for our outstanding quality, customer service and operation based on sustainability and environmental education seeking benefits for the local community and the ecosystems at the same time that we meet all economic expectations and job prospects of our investors, customers, suppliers, employees and others stakeholders, with that in mind we have a qualified human talent, an excellent infrastructure and an effective management system becoming referents of sustainability in Colombia and the Caribbean Region.

 Sustainability policy 

Casa de Buceo is a company funded in 1991 in the city of Santa Marta, since then it has been dedicated to the teaching and direction of scuba diving activities and ecotourism. Our commitment is to involve locals and tourist in the underwater world and the environmental awareness through the excellence in the services given, a warm treatment and the best attention to our customers. The company’s objective is to be recognized as the first option of scuba diving services in Santa Marta and the Colombian market due to our operation focused on sustainability and environmental education that generates benefits to the environment and the local population. Looking forwards to achieve those goals we are committed with the responsible usage of resources, the adequate management and propel disposal of waste, the direct involvement with local population, to impulse formalization and legal labor in the sector, the prevention of sexual exploitation of kids and teenagers and the traffic of the fauna and flora of our country.

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understanding the lack of recreational activities for local people in the city, we have a program of activities every 15 days promoting underwater workshops and swims from Rodadero to different interest sites always with the safety and supervision of our instructors and boats. More than 80 people have join this activities in 2016

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Trying to reduce one of the most notorious impacts of tourism activities (solid waste) we organize clean up`s after high seasons specially in Playa Blanca, one of the most visited destinations in Santa Marta from which we have recollected more than 70 kilograms in two cleaning only in the first semester of 2016.

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Besides using PET bottles to compact our plastic waste avoiding it to go to the land fill of the city and giving the chance to give them a second use, we encourage our customers and swimmers with incentives and discounts in our shop for bringing their own ecoblocks.

3 R`s Policy

Following sustainability guidelines we take Reduction, Reuse and Recycling as an company`s policy and actions to educate our stakeholders on.

1.Reduce: On the purchasing and supplier’s policies as well as reducing the energy and water consumption the company will have a program to reduce the amount of resources consumed and waste produced.


2.Reusing: The Company will take action on giving a longer time of usage to the stuff used in the operation, giving them a second use before been thrown away. A good way to do this is in Ecoblocks as part of the reduction of waste volume.


3.Recycle: The company will not only practice recycling but it will educate about its benefits and ways to do it in the city.


Legal Employment.

Been a legal business has given the company the chance to contribute to local development as well as give our human talent and their families the opportunity to progress, have a better quality of life and making them part of the tourism and diving industry.


Escuela Casa de Buceo