Casa de Buceo

Our diving center is located in the north side of Rodadero, one of the most recognized vacation destination for Colombians providing a big and comfortable facilities. The land we are laced in is part of a natural reserve of iguanas with a Mangrove forest of high natural importance and if you like animals you can meet our pets!!

In this twentysomething years we have always have the companionship of our inseparable friends not only at home but also on board. This has been a tradition that includes four generations of Scooby’s (our mini-dobermans), the Labradors Max, Juana y Blacky, Rhodesian ridgebacks Spook and Lola, the pinchers Lulu and Fruna besides cats, goats, parrots, a guacamaya that used to think it was a dog, ducks, goose… well it has been twentysomething years already…

… well it has been
twentysomething years already…


Today are
part of our crew…

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Scooby 4th

Our mini Doberman that you will always see on board willing to give you a hand.

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Even though he is not as experienced as scooby he learn fast and is also willing to help.

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Pacho`s little girl, she only goes on the boat if he is going to dive.

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Do not get scared, he is big and curious but also as docile as a whale shark but kee an eye on your bag if you bring food in it.

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She is a female donkey rescued from hard labor, we bought her when pregnant and that is how our equine`s family.

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As the crazy breeze (strong winds that blow in Santa Marta between December and March) she is intrepid and glad to be petted, we are thankful that she didn`t grow as big as Bonnie.

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Unbelievable but true, she`s got a queen`s personality, only look at me but don’t touch me, she doesn`t even eat with the other cats, she takes a handful away to eat it by her own

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The cutest and more adorable guardian we could ever have.

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She was born only with three legs but that hasn`t been an inconvenient to become a hairy beauty.

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Yes we know, we lacked of imagination to name him, but how else to call this black panther.